Sana Cheema was suffering from low blood pressure, claims doctor


Reported by: Zulfiqar Haider

GUJRAT: Italian-Pakistani Sana Cheema was admitted to a private hospital as she was suffering from low blood pressure, claims the doctor who treated her. 

“Sana Cheema was brought to Mangowal Surgical Hospital around 11am in the morning on April 11,” says Dr Shiraz Kashif. “She was in her senses and was brought to the Outpatient Department (OPD).”

Sana Cheema, 25, who lived in Brescia, Italy, was visiting relatives in Pakistan this month when her family says she died after suffering from “chronic ulcer and hypotension”, said police official Asad Gujjar.

Dr Kashif said that Sana Cheema seemed to be infected with gastroenteritis, which is common for people who visit Pakistan from abroad.

Dr Kashif says that Sana complained of vomiting and her blood pressure was quite low when she checked into the hospital. Sana Cheema stayed in the hospital for an hour-and-a-half during which she was treated with injections and was put on a drip.

“After treating her, we asked her relatives to give her something to eat. Sana ate and said that she was feeling better. She left the hospital with her relatives then,” says Dr Kashif.

Police exhumed Sana’s body on Wednesday to investigate whether her family killed her in the name of so-called honor after she refused to marry a man of their choosing.

Story first published: 26th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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