Sarfraz Ahmed Speaks Out Against Kohli & Indian Team’s Behavior


Pakistan cricket team’s captain, Sarfraz Ahmed, has revealed some harsh facts about the Indian team and its captain Virat Kohli.


Speaking to a local media outlet, Sarfraz said that Indian players are abusive out of habit and they are mostly led by Kohli, who is wrongly labeled as a gentleman.

The wicketkeeper-batsman said that if Pakistani players were to be caught on camera using the same abusive language, they would be heavily penalized.

He pointed towards two of the most recent incidents which took place when India took on South Africa early this year.

During the Test series, Kohli was caught on stump mic using ‘colorful’ language while talking to his partner Murali Vijay, while the former Indian captain, MS Dhoni, was caught on camera lashing out on Manish Pandey during the T20I series.


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Sarfraz added that Indian players are generally very hostile and abusive when they are on the field. He added that perhaps to them it is a sign of aggression but from a viewer’s perspective, it is unsportsmanlike behavior and very offensive.

He said:

That’s the issue. When Kohli says then people like it. But when we say it, people say ‘look they are abusing’. Boss, they abuse a lot. They abuse even while speaking normally. We even saw Dhoni.

Speaking further about India-Pakistan rivalry, Sarfraz said that Pakistan gave no chance to the Indian players to abuse in their meeting in Champions Trophy final.

In Champions Trophy we didn’t give them any chance to even think. Fakhar Zaman had taken the game so far away in 10-15 overs.

After being cross-questioned in the interview, the Pakistani captain said that if you need any proof, just read Virat Kohli’s lips as he is the most prominent example of players abusing in the Indian camp.

Mauka, Mauka!

Sarfraz Ahmed also took time to open up about the incident which took place while he was celebrating the ICC Champions Trophy victory after returning home.

He said that the Indian media reacted very negatively against him for singing mauka, mauka since they themselves started the trend of mockery.

In all fairness, Indian media did go to extreme length to prove their lack of character and it is evident from the following report of their local media channel:

[embedded content]

Sarfraz said:

The way they created sensation out of me singing Mauka Mauka was hilarious. I was tagged everywhere with that clip of the bulletin in which their anchors were slamming me for singing that song.

He added that so what if he sang the song one time? He said that it is his right to celebrate however he pleases.

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