Sattar Suspends Membership of Amir, Like-minded Leaders


Karachi (February 6, 2018): Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan Chief  Farooq Sattar on Monday night termed the meeting held under the chair of Aamir Khan illegal, unconstitutional and suspended all the participants of the meeting and said their fate will be decided in today’s workers convention.    

Farooq Sattar saw conspiracy behind the meeting. He said the meeting was conducted without his permission and disagreement.

Sattar said that yesterday’s meeting is a question mark on his chairpersonship and added that he did not want to be black mailed anymore.Farooq Sattar convened a public meeting at KMC PIB ground today. Sattar urged Amir Khan, Shabbir Ahmed Qaimkhani, Nasreen Jalil and others avoid the split within the party.

“If they (Amir Khan and other like-minded leaders) are accusing me of favouring Tessori, they have show their hatred for a single member of party by suspending him in a press conference without my approval, this is also a violation of party discipline and MQM’s constitution,” said Farooq Sattar.In his address, Sattar also sought MQM-Haqiqi chief Afaq Ahmed’s support to strengthen and keep united the  ‘Muhajir’ community, adding that earlier  meeting was unconstitutional and the violation of discipline.

He also urged PSP leaders and their workers to support MQM-P for the sake of  Karachiites.

Sattar called a meeting of MQM-P general workers meeting  today  at KMC ground  to decide the future strategy to tackle the ongoing crisis in the party.

Farooq Sattar wants to send Kamran Tessori in  the senate, while Amir Khan and some other  leaders have put their faith upon the name of Shabbir Qaimkhani.

Though both the leaders  were agreed rest of the  names, included Farogh Naseem, Nasreen Jalil, Aminul Haq, yet there was a rift on the name of Kamran Tessori.Sattar claimed that Shabir Qaimkhani had left the final decision upon him for  the senate tickets which he (Farooq Sattar ) favoured Kamran Tessori.

It is pertinent to note that four out of eight MQM-P senators, including Col (R) Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Dr. Mohammad Farogh Naseem, Maulana Tanveer-ul-Haq Thanvi, and Nasreen Jalil will retire next month.

The MQM-P will contest for 12 Senate seats from Sindh, where it is the second-largest party, enjoying the support of 50 MPAs in the 168-member provincial assembly.Whereas  Amir Khan and like-minded party leaders had conducted a separate meeting at party’s Bahadurabad office. Prominent party leaders including Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Faisal Sabzwari and Kanwar Naveed Jameel stayed with Amir Khan at the Bahadurabad office.

The party leaders at MQM-P’s Bahadurabad office later told media that Farooq Sattar is still their chief but announced suspension of Kamran Tessori from party’s Rabita Committee and from party’s basic membership for six months.

Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui maintained that party eased a lot of rules for Sattar and gave Tessori a place in party’s central structure but now the leaders can no longer tolerate violation of party rules on the desire of an individual.

He further revealed that Farooq Sattar claimed that Shabbir Qaimkhani is ready to take back his name for Tessori but Qaimkhani himself denied the claim.

Earlier, the deep cracks have been appeared in Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P) over the allotment of senate tickets that has clearly divided the party in two groups- Amir Khan leading one group while Farooq Sattar is leading other.

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Sources claimed Amir Khan became infuriated after verbal skirmishes with Farroq Sattar as he could not control his nerves and hurled slapped on Farrooq Sattar face.After the incident situation became aggravated and Farrooq Sattar with pro-members left the meeting.According to details the dispute among the MQM leaders appeared, during a meeting which was held to allot ticket to party candidates, when Farooq Sattar suggested to allot senate ticket to Kamaran Tassuri, but other senior leaders expressed disagreement on which Farooq Sattar has left the meeting.

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