Saudi Arab, Israel Have Common Enemy: Bin Salman


Washington (April 06, 2018): “Saudi Arab and Israel have a common enemy, the Kingdom cannot have relations with Israel  before solving the issue with the Palestinians, because both of them have the right to live and coexist,” said the Crown Prince.

While talking to the TIME on the issues of Middle East, the Saudi Crown Prince said ; “it seems that we have a common enemy, and it seems that we have a lot of potential areas to have economic cooperation. And we cannot have a relation with Israel before solving the peace issue, the Palestinians, because both of them they have the right to live and coexist.” “And since that day happen, we will watch. We will try to support a peace solution. And when it happens, of course next day we’ll have good and normal relations with Israel and it will be the best for everyone,” he stated.Responding to a question he said that Iran is the cause of problems in the Middle East, but it is  not a big threat to Saudi Arabia, adding “if you don’t watch it, it could turn into a threat.”

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