Saudi Arabia To Boost Women Employment


Riyadh (February 12, 2018): The Saudi to strengthen women in their state to take historical decisions as they will recruit women as investigators for the first time.

Arabic newspaper Al-Madina cited Saudi attorney general Saud Al Mojeb as confirming the plans, which were later announced by the kingdom’s Centre for International Communication.“The hiring process is a rigorous one as we are looking for the most qualified of candidates to take on such a critical job. After meeting all the application requirements, the candidate will sit through an interview,” Al Mojeb was quoted as saying.

The official position is for the rank of a lieutenant investigator, with responsibilities including criminal investigation, testifying in court, supervising the execution of penal verdicts, inspecting prisons, listening to the complaints of inmates, overseeing prisoner release, briefing the interior minister and other executive functions.The Saudi General Directorate of Passports said on February 1 that it had received 107,000 applications after advertising 140 jobs.

Last year, the justice ministry also announced plans to recruit 300 women as social researchers, administrative assistants, Islamic jurisprudence researchers and legal researchers.

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