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SC Gives Three Months Time To Govt To Bring New NAB Ordinance

SC Gives Three Months Time To Govt To Bring New NAB Ordinance

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday gave the government three months to bring a new National Accountability Ordinance (NAO).

The suo motu notice case pertaining to the voluntary return of money earned through corruption and section 25 A hearing was held in Supreme Court while a three member bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the case.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed ordered the government to not prolong the matter, or otherwise, the top court would itself give ruling in the case upon expiry of three months.

“If any of the NAB provisions is termed “unconstitutional”, the NAB will not stay functional,” he mentioned, while asking does the government wanted the court to order suspension of the NAB ordinance?

“The Supreme Court has [already] restricted the NAB from [using] plea bargain,” he said, adding that until legislation in the parliament the plea bargain power could not be used by the authority.

The top judge further observed that it was responsibility of the parliament to perform amendment in the NAB law.

The court further pointed out that the NAB (Amendment) Ordinance has paralysed the functionality of the accountability watchdog while there were cases pending for even 10 years with the bureau.

Meanwhile, the top judge also expressed hope that the matter would be resolved concerning the issue while Senator Farooq Naek has already presented a bill for amendment in the ordinance.

“The government has been trying to bring consensus among political parties,” attorney general informed the court.

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