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SC Orders To Produce Col (Retd) Inam Rahim In Court

SC Orders To Produce Col (Retd) Inam Rahim In Court

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court ordering to present Col (retd) Inam Ur Rahim befor the court has rejected the government insistence to hold in-camera session of the case.

SC bench lead by Justice Musheer Alam heard the petition filed by col (retd) Inam Ur Rahim .

Attorney General presented the sealed report in the court to which judges inspected and reviewed the sealed envelop while the attorney general insisted to hold rest of the hearing in-camera in chamber.

The court rejected the attorney general insistence hearing the matter in- camera session and rest of the hearing in chamber.

Justice Musheer Alam remarked that there is nothing such thing found in the envelop that can be presented in the sealed envelop adding that “you have to obey the orders of High Court” while the court declared that what presented beore the court in the sealed pack is nothing but whatever have published in the media.

He also said to the attorney general that “I am not satisfied with your arguments.”

On which, the attorney general said the we will follow the orders of the high court. while Justice Musheer Alam said that “you presented the case in such a manner that something strange happened.”

It is pertinent to mention here that on Jan 9 the LHC Rawalpindi bench has ordered to release col (retd) Inam Ur Raheem forthwith and rejected the federal government point of view.

The son of Inam Ur Rahim has knocked the court doors after abduction of his father on December 16. Col (retd) has been perusing cases related to missing persons.

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