ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan has rejected a plea seeking suspension of Sindh High Court verdict in the American journalist Daniel Pearl murder case.

Justice Manzoor Malik heard the Daniel Pearl murder case while Farooq H Nayik appeared before the court on behalf of the Sindh government.

In his arguments, Farooq H Nayik said that the Sindh government has designated him as a prosecutor in the case to which Justice Manzoor Malik asked him “do you have all the records presented in the trial court” and asked him to provide all record of the case to the court.

Justice Manzoor said that ” I wanted to see all the records so that I could understand all the points in the case besides that first submit a detailed record of the case then he will hear the case.

Sindh government demanded time for submitting records of the case to which Justice Manzoor remarked that the ” abduction of Daniel Pearl has to be proved first, it has to be proved through facts and pieces of evidence that abductee was Daniel Pearl. Sindh government says that the conspiracy started in Rawalpindi, what conspiracy happened in Rawalpindi and it has to be proved through facts and pieces of evidence. While it has to reviewed were confession and identification parade according to law or not.

The court rejecting the plea for suspension of the Sindh High Court verdict adjourned the hearing for the indefinite time.

It is pertinent to mention here that Sindh High Court (SHC) on April 2 has acquitted three accused of the Daniel Pearl murder case on lack of evidence except for the main accused Ahmed Umar Sheikh.

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