Scarlett Johansson bounces back from failed marriage and heartache


Hollywood megastar Scarlett Johansson – who was the top-grossing movie star of 2016 – went through a second marriage breakdown in March this year, when French art curator Romain Dauriac walked out on her. Romain, 35, was said to be sick of following her to film sets with their two-year-old daughter Rose Dorothy Duriac, reported The Sun.

Her marriage to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds crumbled in 2011, also down to her workload. But Scarlett is bouncing back with a hot new man — Saturday Night Live comedian Colin Jost. The pair held hands on a date this week after being spotted canoodling at a party in New York last month.

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And her steamy new film Rough Night — about a wild hen weekend that descends into chaos after a male stripper is accidentally killed — has received rave reviews. The role as bride-to-be Jess gives Scarlett a break from her frequent superhero costumes. “I’ve noticed there is a propensity to put me in latex outfits. I can act outside of wearing a catsuit — it’s nice to show that. Getting into those outfits the first few times was a bit of an athletic feat. I probably lost ten pounds in water weight. In some ways it was great because they are like a thick sort of latex. For fighting and stuff you have a little layer of padding there so it hurts a little bit less when you get kicked.”

It might have been a tough emotional start to the year, but Scarlett insists, “I’m good. I’m happy with what I’ve got; I’m functioning on most cylinders. I could use another arm or two. That would be helpful.” Having a daughter, Scarlett now thinks about the future in a different way. “I try not to be as pessimistic. Everything is good because she’s around.”

The Avengers star said, “I am so proud to do what I love to do and to be able to show my daughter that and have her come to the workplace and show her I’m an independent woman.” It is a familiar story for Scarlett, whose first marriage to Ryan also ended in divorce after three years — with her hectic filming schedule again being blamed.

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She admitted at the time, “The logistics of being with another actor are challenging. If one person is more successful than the other that also proves challenging. I think the idea of marriage is very romantic, it’s a beautiful idea. And the practice of it can be a very beautiful thing, but it’s a lot of work.”

During her relationship with Ryan, Scarlett sent him a series of nude photos, which were later hacked from her mobile and put online. Florida hacker Christopher Chaney also targeted singer Christina Aguilera. He was arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison. Despite the incident, Scarlett has no regrets about the raunchy snaps. “I know my best angles. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

After her split from Ryan, Scarlett launched herself into a brief fling with bad boy actor Sean Penn, 56.
That fizzled but within a few months when he told her he did not want to be in a relationship. Afterwards she said, “I never put a title on it really, but we were seeing each other. He’s a remarkable person. He really is.”

After splitting with Sean, Scarlett dated ad executive Nate Naylor for a year. They split in October 2012.
Scarlett, who has also been linked to Lena Dunham’s boyfriend Jack Antonoff, her Black Dahlia co-star Josh Hartnett and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, met current boyfriend Colin, 34, when hosting Saturday Night Live earlier this year.

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But despite the soaring success of Rough Night, Scarlett still bears the scars from those two failed marriages. “Of course it’s horrible. It really throws you. You think your life is going to be one way and then — for various reasons or whatever — it doesn’t work out. It’s a very lonely thing, like the loneliest thing you’ll ever do in some way. I don’t feel on the other side of it, but it gets better. More than anything, it’s just that not having your buddy around all the time is weird. There’s no rule book. I think it’s just time.”

While her heart heals, Scarlett is busy with lucrative modelling contracts for Calvin Klein, L’Oreal and Louis Vuitton. She disputes any suggestions she has gone under the surgeon’s knife to maintain her looks. But she does admit, “I believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to be an old hag, there’s no fun in that.”

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