Security Forces Kill Two ‘Wanted Terrorists’ in Swat: ISPR


Swat (December 06, 2017): The security forces on Wednesday claimed to have killed two “wanted terrorists” during an intelligence-based operation (IBO) in Jahan Abad area of Swat, the military’s media wing reported.

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said both the suspects — Asad alias Anas and Wahab — were being traced for their previous alleged involvement in terrorist activities in Malakand Division.

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The ISPR said that the security forces received accurate actionable information about the suspects “crossing over from Afghanistan and entering Swat Valley for a possible terrorist activity”.

“Due to the effective security in place, both were traced to a hideout [in Jahan Abad, Swat] and subsequently killed during an encounter [with the security forces],” read the ISPR statement.

Moreover, two facilitators of the deceased suspects have also been apprehended, the ISPR added.

In a remote-controlled blast in Swat Valley in October, at least one person was killed and two others injured.

Police had said the blast targeted a family member of a Village Defence Committee (VDC) member, Ahmed Zeb, in the Ghat area of Malam Jabba.

Zeb’s father was killed and two others wounded, police officials said.

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