Senate Committee Suggests To Lift Ban on Imported Vehicles


Islamabad(February 20, 2018): Senate committee for finance has advised to lift the ban on the import of reconditioned vehicles. Due to the ban on Import, more than 10,000 reconditioned vehicles are at Karachi port for clearance.

According to the details, the Senate committee for finance meeting was headed by Saleem Mandviwala advided the Ministry of Trade to withdraw the notification, which banned the import.FBR officials told the committee that the notification will be withdrawn in senate meeting. The decision was earlier made by Economic Coordination Council.

Senator Ilyas Billour told that local car manufacturers are unable to fulfill the local need and consumers are waiting for their cars for months now.

Senator Mandvi Wala said that consumers have to pay 4 lacs as (own money), on which the committee suggested that the notification should be withdrawn.

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