Senate report about details of US assistance to Pakistan to be released


ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Wednesday adopted report of the Committee of the Whole which demanded to release a fact sheet on American assistance provided to Pakistan under Coalition Support Fund after 9/11.

Leader of the House Raja Muhammad Zafar- ul-Haq presented the report of the Committee of the Whole regarding policy guidelines in the light of emerging regional realities and the role of United Sates, containing initial response to the US President’s Afghan South Asia Policy Statement which was adopted by the House.

The report highlighted the synopsis of debates in the Senate on August 23, 24, 2017.

It demanded the Foreign Office to summon the American Ambassador and inform him about the outcomes of debate in the House and also Committee of the Whole held on August 28, 29, 2017.

The report suggested some immediate steps which included the release of fact sheet on American assistance to Pakistan portraying the post-9/11 scenario as how much assistance has been provided for Coalition Support Funds, which are in fact reimbursement to Pakistan and how much of the commitments made by US on supply of military hardware and aid which have not been kept on the one pretext or the other.

It also demanded to reveal the details as how much losses that Pakistan has incurred since 9/11 due to the American war in Afghanistan. – AGENCIES

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Story first published: 30th August 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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