Seven cricketers who played more than one sport


There are many athletes across the world who have shown exceptional skill in more than one sport. Similarly, there are many cricketers who played more than one sport.

SAMAA Digital lists seven cricketers who have played more than one sport.

  1. Don Bradman

The greatest batsman in cricket was also a good squash player and he has been a South Australian squash champion.

Photo Courtesy: Essentially Sport

  1. Viv Richards

The West Indies cricket legend was named for Antigua’s squad for the qualifying round of the FIFA World Cup 1974. He did not play a single match.

Photo Courtesy: Mid-Day

  1. Andrew Flintoff

The English boxer became a boxer in 2012 after hanging his booth from cricket in 2009.

  1. Jonty Rhodes

The South African fielding maestro was picked for the South African hockey team for 1992 Olympic Games.

  1. Diana Baig

The Pakistani cricketer has represented the country in football. She also plays basketball and volleyball.

Photo Courtesy: ICC Cricket

  1. Ellyse Perry

The Australian cricketer has played cricket and football for her country since the age of 16.

  1. Suzie Bates

The Kiwi cricketer played basketball for New Zealand in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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