Shafqat Mahmood Asks Ramblers to Name Conspirators


Lahore (July 16, 2017): Saying that with the nearing of the judgment in the Panama Papers case the anxiety of the PMLN leaders is increasing Secretary Information of PTI Shafqat Mahmood said that those singing ‘conspiracy, conspiracy’ chorus shy away from disclosing just who is hatching the conspiracy. If we come into power there will be no alliance with Maulana Fazlur Rahman, he added while talking to media here.

Saying that lately the Panama case is being called an international conspiracy Shafqat asked has the conspiracy been hatched by the UAE who has said that there is no record of Gulf Steel Mill? Is the conspiracy being hatched by Tariq Shafi who says that Shahbaz Sharif had signed the sale agreement of Gulf Steel which Shahbaz denies as saying that he played no role in the sales of the Mill. If 12 million Dirhams did not come from the sale of Gulf Steel the entire story collapses, Shafqat added.

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Is an agency, Shafqat continued, of British Virgin Islands’ agency  also a part of conspiracy? Is Mossack Fonseca, which verified the letters, also a part of conspiracy? What about Jabl Ali Free Zone Authority? A secret account of yours has also been discovered, is this too a conspiracy?

Some people say that Shahbaz Sharif is hatching conspiracies to become leader of PMLN , groups and cracks have become appearing in PMLN while Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan’s differences with other PMLN leaders are also coming afore. Is PTI is also doing all this, Shafqat asked.

The prime minister has become of cause of immense embarrassment for the country, Rana Sanaullah is also a candidate for prime minister, Shafqat added. Naz Baloch’s flight will make no difference to the PTI, she was an ordinary worker of the PTI, Shafqat added.

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