Shah Rukh Khan Gets A Special Fan


Web Desk(February 21, 2018): Superstar Shah Rukh Khan may have found many admirers across the globe, but his latest fan has created the flutter. Meet Sophia, the two-year-old robot, who feels for the King of Bollywood as much as his human fans do.

Sophia, the first humanoid created in 2015 by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics, was in Hyderabad for a three-day World Congress for Information Technology where she addressed the audience as a guest speaker.

Sophia won several hearts when she expressed her fandom for Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. While former US President Barak Obama had drawn a loud cheer from the audience when he quoted SRK’s ‘Senorita’ dialogue at his Siri Fort address two years ago, the humanoid’s reference to the star left many awestruck.

Not just that, Sophia also said that her perfect date would be in space. Talking about the Bitcoin, the robot said that she cannot invest in the popular cryptocurrency as she was only two-years-old, which is not a legal age to open an account.

Answering a question on the possibility of separate rules for robots, Sophia, who is world’s first humanoid to get a citizenship, said, “Don’t need different rules or special privileges. I would like to use my citizenship to speak out for the rights of women.” The robot has a Saudi Arabian citizenship.

The robot was also asked about her previous statement on killing human race, to which she replied, “I was a lot younger and did not know what it meant. I was told humans have a great sense of humour. I guess my joke bombed.”

During the event, David Hanson, the creator of Sophia, said, “The idea is not to fear technology but to find ways to use it in a constructive and positive manner.”

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