LAHORE: Fayyaz Chohan, Minister for Information Punjab has said that Shahbaz Sharif didn’t appear before the NAB yesterday on the pretext of the coronavirus, on the other hand, all the SOPs against the virus were blown up in the court today.

The Minister on the appearance of Shahbaz Sharif in the LHC said that the PML-N President used to feign for the coronavirus.

He said that the court has granted bail to him and we respect the court decision adding that the court has approved his bail until June 17 but what he will do after it because the date has to pass.

Fayyaz said “the court grants bail on the first appearance but it will see merit on the next.” adding that the bail is not vital as murder accused also gets bail at the end the NAB will arrest him.

He said that Opposition leader in NA didn’t appear before the NAB by citing fears of the coronavirus on the other hand all the SOPs against the virus were blown up in the court which proved that there is something wrong.

“Shahbaz knew that he has to be caught one day so he is using delaying tactics,” Fayyaz added.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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