WEB DESK: Shair-e-Aman holds a telephonic conversation with Deputy Commissioners; conveys good wishes for their enormous efforts.

Renowned poet & columnist Kashif Shamim Siddiqui held a telephonic conversation with Deputy Commissioners of various districts of Sindh province.

The purpose of the contact was to demonstrate his unequivocal solidarity with the administrative authorities of the districts.

Siddiqui expressed sincere sympathies and best wishes to the Deputy Commissioners over the epidemic, and highly appreciated their rigorous response measures.

Shair-e-Aman underscored that timely, effective and far-reaching measures undertaken by the administrative authorities are being acknowledged nationally.

He said that combating the COVID-19 epidemic is the Sindh government’s top priority now, and that will surely bring positive change.

Kashif also spoke to the Additional Deputy Commissioners of the districts.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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