Shehbaz Vows To Transform Karachi Into Lahore


Karachi (June 26, 2018): PML-N chief Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday vowed that his party would work day and night to change Karachi and Peshawar into Lahore if the PML-N was voted into power in the upcoming General Elections.

Addressing press conference in Karachi, the former CM Punjab highlighted federal and Punjab government performance and said that if he was given a chance in upcoming election he would serve the city of Quaid with heart and soul.

“Our government has reinstated peace in Karachi and now the time has come to give the viable public transport and lights, to the mega city” he pledged.

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He was fiercely critical of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf and its role in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over the past few years.

Five years ago, Imran Khan told journalist in an interview following the 2013 elections that he would bring electricity to whole of KP and the rest of the country, Shehbaz added.

“After all this time, Imran Khan has not brought even 1 watt of electricity,” he claimed. “He said that he would plant 1 billion trees, then asked patwaris to count both the existing trees and those that do not exist,” he alleged.

“When there was a dengue outbreak in Lahore and Punjab in 2010, 2011, myself, Saad Rafique, all MNAs and MPAs in Lahore, doctors, bureaucrats and experts made efforts to fight against dengue. And Imran Khan called us the ‘Dengue Brothers’,” he added.“When there is a dengue outbreak in Peshawar, we send our doctors, mobiles, medicines and nurses there. Day and night, they treat dengue patients,” the former CM said.

He said that he would ensure provision of water to every household, remove garbage and improve law and order.

The provision of these facilities is a fundamental right of the Karachiites and topmost responsibility of the government govt, added Sharif.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shehbaz Sharif refrained from endorsing his brother Nawaz Sharif’s statement on aliens and remarked that he is unaware of the presence of any ‘aliens’.

“The Holy Quran only mentions jinns and nothing else,” he remarked.He further remarked that Rangers have played an integral role in restoring peace to Karachi. “We will make Karachi better than Lahore if given a chance. You are free to compare our performance with that of our competitors.

“We didn’t come to power in Karachi before, only people of Punjab gave us to mandate,” he remarked.

On Monday, Shehbaz Sharif promised development and prosperity for Karachi, after arriving in the metropolis to launch the party’s election campaign.

Addressing an event at the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Shehbaz vowed to resolve the city’s critical issues if PML-N was voted into power again.

“[We] performed to the [best of our capabilties] in the past five years,” he said, adding that it is only the past performances which serve as grounds to vote for a political party.Singling out the most critical issues plaguing the city, namely water shortage, poor cleanliness and lack of public transport infrastructure, the former chief minister of Punjab said his party would “resolve these issues on a priority basis, just like it had solved the load-shedding crisis by as much as 90%.”

Highlighting the prevalent water crisis in the port city, Shehbaz said it was time for action, not regrets. “In two, three years water crisis shouldn’t exist in Karachi,” he said, adding that the PML-N government would work with the provincial and city governments to ensure potable water is available to every household within the next two years.

The party president said that provincial budget was alone not enough to develop Karachi; the federal government should also allocate budget towards the city’s development.

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