Sheikh Rasheed asks railway officers’ to be ‘well-mannered’ with passengers

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed
Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed, has ordered immediate removal of encroachments from outside Multan railway station.

Rasheed, while speaking to media, asked officers to interact with passengers in a good manner.

He added that railway was a means of transportation for the poor, hence their facilitation should not be ignored.

Speaking to media, the minister said freight operations will be extended in Multan.

He informed that a cleanliness week will be observed by the railways department.

He also ordered initiation of renovation work of all railway stations in Bahawalpur on time.

On Jan 19, Rasheed said that a freight train was going to be launched on January 25 to facilitate business community and earn more revenue.

“Reconstruction and renovation of seven major railways station will also be done,” Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said while addressing a news conference at Railways Headquarters in Lahore.

He said that all measures to raise Railways income were being taken while remaining within our own resources.

To a question, the railways minister said the nation and all state institutions were supporting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government.

Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Wednesday asserted that Pakistan Railways earned Rs150mn from the 20 new trains within 100 days.

He informed the National Assembly in a written reply that PR increased fares to reduce its deficit. He said that PR’s deficit was increasing because of rise in salaries and pensions of its employees.

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