Shocking scandal: A racket you may not have ever heard of


Every other day, the outrageous scandals in each field of our life continue to shock the nation. Latest in the series is so obnoxious that you may not have ever heard of.

Several criminals including a woman involved in selling bone marrow extracted from girls of poor families were arrested in Hafizabad.

The girls were cajoled into becoming a prey to the trap over attractive packages of dowry. The group was operative in Punjab for quite some time, according to revelations made by one of the suspects.

Police received complaints that suspects Muhammad Aslam, his wife Amna and Nadeem used to extract bone marrow after offering girls irresistible dowry packages. They used to take bone marrow in a syringe in a ‘medical test’ to make that available for sale to the patients who need transplant.

According to sources, the conditions of the affected girls deteriorated with pain and weakness. The accused calls himself an employee of DHQ Hospital Hafizabad, according to police.
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Story first published: 12th February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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