Sigh of Relief for Karachiities as Mercury Drops Down


Karachi(May 31, 2018): The Pakistan Meteorological Department on Monday has forecasted that the temperature in the country will likely reach 50°C on Thursday.

Several areas of inner Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan will reel under scorching mercury levels

Today marks the last day of the second heatwave in Karachi. Sea breeze will restore from Friday following which the temperature is expected to plummet.

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The temperature will likely remain between 37-39°C in the port city today.

Yesterday, People of Karachi faced hot and dry weather, as the mercury rose up to 44-degree centigrade, the hottest day of the year for Karachi, said Pakistan Metrological Department.

At 12 in the Afternoon yesterday the temperature was recorded 38 in the metropolis.

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Earlier, metrological department, minimum temperature to remain 28-degree centigrade and maximum will be 44 in the city.

MET office on Monday predicted that heat wave will remain in Karachi from Tuesday till Thursday, the weather will normalize from Friday.

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