Sindh Govt bans pillion riding, heli-cams on Youm-e-Ali | Pakistan



KARACHI: The Sindh Government on Thursday issued notifications banning pillion riding for motorcycles and scooters and the use of ‘heli-cams’ on the occasion on Youm-e-Ali (RA).

The ban will be effective from 12AM on Friday in Karachi and Hyderabad to maintain the law and order situation, the notifications said.

Notification issued by Sindh Government imposing a ban on pillion riding on June 17. 

However, the ban will not be applicable to “women, children below the age of 12 years, senior citizens, journalists, personnel of law enforcement agencies/ security agencies in uniform and employees of the essential services.”

Another similar notification issued by the Sindh Government banned the use of “Heli-cams” by media outlets for video recording the processions to avoid “any untoward incident.”

Notification issued by 


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