Sindh Police facing shortage of weapons 

Sindh Police facing shortage of weapons 
Sindh Police facing shortage of weapons 

ISLAMABAD: The Sindh Police are not only facing challenges of law and order, various kind of criminal and terrorism activities, but also facing shortage of weapons as 136,000 total strength of the force has only 34,000 weapons. 

According to official figures, its total strength from the inspector general to constable is 136,763, which have only 34,512 weapons of all kinds, including 26,310 sub-machine guns (SMGs), 3,200 pistols and 4,000 G-3 rifles.  

Police Inspector General AD Khowaja ordered the purchase of new high quality arms, ammunition and other accessories of Rs2.1 billion. Major procurement would be done from the Wah Ordnance Factory. 

An order for 30,000 SMGs, 25 sniper rifles, 200 9mm USA pistols, 10,000 9mm Turkey pistols, 2,000 short-guns, 1,000 gas guns, 5,000 gas masks, 10,000 anti-riot kits, 10,000 handcuffs, 2,000 bullet proof vests, 35,000 tear gas shells, 1,322 computers, 1,322 printers, 1,322 UPS, 100 laptops, fax machines 233,300 different type of generators, 369 water dispensers, air-conditioners, stabilisers has been placed.   Sindh IG AD Khowaja confirming the figures told The News that despite the shortage of arms, ammunition, the force performed well in facing all kind of challenges. 

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