Sindh police wants foolproof security for the PSL

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The Sindh police have come up with a plan to make sure all goes well with the five PSL matches that will be played in Karachi this year.

Five PSL4 matches will be played in Karachi on March 7, March 10, March 13, March 15 and March 17.

Sindh IG Dr Kaleem Imam chaired a meeting on Wednesday and reviewed the overall security situation. Officers from the Special Branch and CTD, DIGs, zonal DIGs, the traffic DIG and additional IGs attended the meeting.

The East, South and traffic DIGs all briefed the meeting.

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The IG was briefed about the security arrangements and traffic routes that will be taken from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the stadium for the PSL players.

He was also briefed about alternative routes and measures taken at parking lots.

IG Imam pledged that the cricketers, foreigners and other guests coming for the mega sporting event will be provided world class security. He directed strict monitoring of all corridors from the airport to the hotel and from there to the stadium.

“Effective and well-coordinated monitoring should be ensured from the command and control centre set up at the Central Police Office in absolute accordance with the contingency plan,” he directed. “A police liaison desk should be established in collaboration with the hotel management.”

He also directed the top police officers to ensure the organisational success of PSL4.

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IG Imam said that a detailed plan, including the security and traffic measures and deployment of police personnel, has been issued.

The police chief underscored the need for the police force to highlight a message of peace and love on the part of the people of Pakistan, particularly Karachi.

“There are 7,720 policemen who have been assigned duty in the east zone and 2,260 others will be on guard in the south zone,” IG Imam said. “The Special Security Unit’s 565 personnel and 1,780 traffic policemen will perform their duties as well.”

There are also 788 personnel of the Special Branch who will be deployed for security of the matches, he said, adding that a total of 13,112 officers and jawans have been assigned duties for the security of PSL matches.

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