Siraj asks Nawaz to resign in national interest

Siraj asks Nawaz to resign  in national interest
Siraj asks Nawaz to resign in national interest

ISLAMABAD: Jamaat-e-Islami  (JI) chief Senator Sirajul Haq  has asked the Prime Minister  Muhammad Nawaz Sharif  to give up his stubborn  attitude of confrontation with  institutions and tender his resignation  in the national interest.  “The stubborn attitude of  Nawaz Sharif shows that he is  giving preference to his rule to  national interests and  dignity of the Pakistani nation,”  Sirajul Haq said while  talking to Allama Nasir Abbas  of Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen.  The JI leader observed that  Nawaz Sharif could again take  over as the prime minister if  the Supreme Court of Pakistan  gives him a clean chit.  Senator Sirajul Haq reiterated  Jamaat’s stance of across  the board accountability. He  demanded of the Supreme  Court to re-open cases against  corrupt mafia so that looted  money could be recovered  from them after giving them  exemplary punishment saying  that properties created  through corruption should  also be confiscated.  Sirajul Haq maintained that  the country would never make  progress unless the corruption  is rooted out completely from  the country.     

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