Siraj Terms SC Decision Vital for Corruption Free Pakistan


Lahore (August 2, 2017): The head of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has termed the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as PM is vital for corruption free Pakistan. He suggested laws to stop people to build heirs in abroad.

Addressing to press conference after the party executive council meeting in Lahore, Sirjaul Haq said that it was unavoidable to eliminate corruption for the prosperous and lightened Pakistan.

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“For corruption free Pakistan and bright future, it is essential to grill all corrupts involved in Panama scandal,” he urged.

Lamenting the opposition parties conduct during the interim PM election in which they failed to file joint candidate, JI ameer said that opposition should have field joint candidate for NA-120 by polls to make a change in political scenario.

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