Sit-in Protestors Wanted To Topple PML Govt: Ahsan


Islamabad (December 07, 2017): The interior minister Ahsan Iqbal claimed on Thursday that the protesters who had staged sit-in in Islamabad wanted to topple the PML-N government.

Addressing to a Higher Education Commission (HEC) ceremony in Islamabad, Ahsan Iqbal said that all Muslims have the firm believe in finality of Prophet (PBUH), however the Faizabad sit-in, which was staged by the Tehreek Labaik Yarasulalah (TLY) for 21 days and had made the life of twin cities paralyze.He asked, “We should stage sit in why are we so backward in research and how can we meet the  level of developed countries in this connection as Pakistan does not need Pirs but scientists.”

In reaction over the US decision to declared Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he said Pakistan strongly condemned the US decision.

Ahsan announced on the occasion that for the digital headway a modernized fiber optical being laid and soon 5-G  technology will be introduced.

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