Pakistan yesterday saw 2,193 new coronavirus cases in the country as Sindh reported its record surge of 1,017 new cases in a single day. Punjab and KP saw an increase of usual 697 and 261 new cases respectively in 24 hours.

Deaths, for the day, stood at 32, of whom 17 were from Sindh only. Punjab and KP reported 8 and 6 deaths while one patient died of coronavirus related complications in Islamabad.

Hospitalizations reached 10,900 while 14,155 patients recovered from the viral and are discharged from the hospitals.

NCOC said that only 18% of vents — that are dedicated for COVID-19 patients — are being consumed while 82% vents or 1,853 ventilators are still vacant and can be available for coronavirus patents across the country.

Till yesterday, a total of 1,415 healthcare workers were tested positive for coronavirus, of whom 12 have died while 434 professionals recovered from the illness.

161 healthcare professionals are in hospital, of whom 2 are on ventilator. Remaining 808 professionals are at home isolation.

While its clear that Coronavirus is impacting the global population differently in various countries, such as Pakistan isn’t impacted as badly as some western countries, the fatality rate is also seen different for various provinces of Pakistan.

It is observed that KP is probably the worst hit province with most deaths per one million population.

Check below table for your reference:

Cases Per MillionDeath RateDeaths Per MillionTests Per Million
National Average2322.11%4.912,075

KP is hit more both in terms of death rate per positive case and deaths per million population, while Islamabad is at top for tests per million population.

Sindh also has comparatively higher death per million population rate.

Experts say that deaths in Pakistan (due to coronavirus) are very unlikely to be under-reported, and hence the above picture is much closer to the situation at the ground.

Above numbers will also help the authorities to make decision at more regional level, that could be valid and more suitable for each region respectively.

For example if you look at the spread of virus in Islamabad and Sindh, the cases per million population are pretty high as compared to Punjab or AJK & GB. This shows that there could more asymptomatic cases in Punjab as compared to Sindh.

Similarly, the death rate shows population in KP has lesser immunity to the virus as compared to Punjab or AJK and GB.

While there are no known reasons for above numbers or percentages, experts are still looking into reasons as why virus has different kind of impact on various regions and populations.

More stats from yesterday are here:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours
Sindh18,9641,017 (Record)6,164 (Record)31617
Total48,0911,84115,346 (Record)1,01732

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