Pakistan reported highest single day toll for second consecutive day in a row as 4,131 new cases were reported across Pakistan yesterday, up from 3,958 cases reported the earlier day.

Pakistan also conducted highest number of tests in a day as 17,370 tests were conducted in 24 hours.

Of new cases, Punjab reported 1,639 positive cases as its tests per day reached 6,925. Sindh reported 1,439 cases with a total of 5,454 tests in 24 hours.

New cases in Islamabad are on the rise as 295 new cases were reported in the city, and the toll reached 3,188 positive cases till now.

KP added 412 new cases while Balochistan reported 226 new cases yesterday.

Country’s death toll reached 1,688 as Punjab and Sindh reported 30 and 23 deaths respectively. Another 8 patients died in KP while Islamabad reported 4 deaths. One death each was reported in AJK and GB.

Its apparent that cases are on the rise, and there seems to be no stopping to positive cases.

Deaths, are rising with same proportion; indicating that the number of deaths will grow in coming days — as higher number of positive cases that are being recognized today will impact on the death toll in two weeks.

With economy opened up, lock-downs entirely eased down, our only hope is that higher number of positive cases will be mild (or asymptomatic) and that our death rate will decline. Otherwise, at the current rate — it is feared that around 2% of all infectious patients will not be able to bear the disease.

Number of deaths, in such a situation, will be very high.

We are now beyond the time of control, and there’s apparently no strategy that could be best. We can just hope and pray for a better outcome.

More in below table and graphs:

Confirmed CasesIn 24 HoursTests in 24 HoursDeathsLast 24 Hours

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