Skillston Academy: Teaching World-Class Culinary & Hotel Management Skills for Professionals


While our country is blessed with great scenery, natural wonders, and eye-catching tourist attractions, one part where we can make a huge impact is by grooming people who are part of Pakistan’s hospitality sector. What we need is trained professionals who have the prerequisite skills, and standards to compete with the best hotels, restaurants, and more on an international level.


Skillston, the National Institute of Culinary Arts & Hotel Management, is all geared up to train the next generation of hotel managers and culinary specialists in Pakistan.

With Pakistan witnessing a rise in tourism, the local hospitality industry has its work cut out for it.

About Skillston Academy

According to Pakistan’s National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), Skillston offers world-class training for:

  • Hospitality Management,
  • Culinary Arts,
  • Baking & Patisserie,
  • Restaurant Management,
  • Front Desk Operations.

Launched in 2014, the institute has since expanded its operations to 4 campuses, of which three are in Karachi and one in Hyderabad.  It claims that over 2000 of its graduates have gone on to make a name with world-class culinary and hotel management skills.

The institute provides recognized Certificates and Diplomas, with most of these courses lasting from 6 months to a year. These courses enable people, regardless of their existing academic background, to make the most of their career in the hospitality industry.

It should be mentioned that Pakistan receives a sizable amount of foreign exchange through its expatriates overseas, with a sizable amount of them working in the hospitality sector at various international Hotels, Resorts and Clubs. Countries in need of well-groomed and professional staff in the hospitality industry includes UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, UK and USA.

Vast Scope

Considering the OBOR(One Belt One Road) initiative, the hospitality industry in Pakistan has much room for expansion. Culinary arts and Hotel Management are expected to flourish in light of the CPEC projectand this will increase job opportunities in Pakistan.

Skillston Academy is uniquely positioned to help students who want to make their mark with their own hotel and restaurants in Pakistan. Not only are they trained for managing eateries, restaurants, hotels and cruises, but they can also become a MasterChef.

a beautiful table arrangement made by Skillston students
Restaurant management

Students are nurtured in their disciplines with comprehensive practical, study visits and internships at reputable organizations. Skillstonhas even executed a student exchange program with Hunter TAFE, Australia.

Skillston enjoys affiliation, association and accreditation with NAVTTC, TTB, City&Guilds UK, All Pakistan Restaurant Association and Pakistan Food Association.


Admissions are currently open. To apply atSkillston, and potentially become part of the next big commercially and critically successful culinary franchise in the future, get startedhere.

You can also check out their Facebook page or call them at 03-111-SKILLS (754557) for further details.

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