Sports Minister Takes Notice of Mattress Controversy In SG


Karachi(April 23, 2018): Sindh Minister for Sports Mohammed Bux Khan Mahar has taken action against those responsible for the mattress controversy during the 17th Annual Sindh Games.

The annual provincial games, which were held from April 19 to 22, garnered negative publicity after a video of poor quality mattresses being used at the high jump event went viral.An athlete participating in high jump almost fell to the ground due to the poor conditions of mattresses, which were placed there for his safety.

Mahar said that the federal government made the arrangements for the event, not provincial government. “We have learned a lot from the event”, added the minister.

“To overcome such issues in the future, we are making an athletic track in Hyderabad,” Mahar said.

On the sporting event, he shared that it was a platform for the youth to showcase their talent.

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