Student Found Dead in Punjab University Hostel


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On Wednesday, the body of a deceased student was found in Punjab University’s (PU) Old Campus hostel. Upon inspection, it seemed that the boy had been dead for a few days.

The news of the fatality was confirmed by the University’s administration.

Room Number 168

The body of the departed student, Manzoor Jamshed Kamboh, was found in room number 168 of the Khalid Bin Waleed Hall, Old Campus.

The university spokesman informed that the body was recovered when students complained about a strange smell coming from room 168.

Around 10 am Wednesday, the room was opened by guards along with a few students, where they found Manzoor’s dead body.

Room number 168, however did not belong to Manzoor. It belonged to Shahid who was not present in the room at the time the incident took place.

According to reports, Manzoor was alone at the time and only a few students were residing in the hostel during the period due to summer holidays.

Manzoor belonged to Pak Pattan and was a student of MA Urdu Part 2.

Manzoor’s Death: A Suicide or a Homicide?

According to university sources the room was unlocked when the guards and students tried to open the door.

University sources are denying allegations of a homicide and are calling Manzoor’s death suicide. They say that Manzoor killed himself when his love affair with a fellow student failed.

The police administration has taken the body to a morgue for autopsy and the administration has informed the family of the deceased.

The real reason for Manzoor’s death is still not available due to a lack of credible evidence. Further inquiry and inspection shall reveal the truth about his death in due time.



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