Islamabad: A succesful test treatement with the help of information technology has been conducted in Punjab.

Under the treatment, a doctor without visiting a patient through close circuit tv camera will able to examine and talk to his subject .

After successful trial, a 140-bed hospital has been established in the sports complex situated at the double road in the garrison city.

In the hospital, every bed is linked with a doctor through a CCTV camera through which he will be able to examine the patient and talk to him as well.

The Vice-Chancellor Medical University, Rawalpindi Institute of Urology Professor Dr Umar accompained with Dr Khalid Randhwa visited the corona-field hospital.

Professor Umar said that modern treatment facilities will help Doctors and Nurses extensively while the extension of the IT based treatement to the other hospitals of the province is under consideration.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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