Supreme Court slams Danyal Aziz for ‘film’ remark


ISLAMABAD: Senior PML-N leader Danyal Aziz remained defiant as he passed a tongue-in-cheek remark outside the apex court on Friday. 

One would think that Danyal Aziz would be careful regarding what he says about senior judges of the apex court after he had received a notice for contempt of court.

However, the senior PML-N leader remained defiant as he remarked outside the apex court,”You’ve seen this entire film before.”

When he reached inside, Danyal Aziz was taken to task by Justice Azmat Saeed, who said that he thought Aziz was about to show him a film.

“Tell me, is the film nominated for an Oscar?” asked Justice Azmat.

Danyal Aziz was ordered by the court to produce before it CDs, transcription of the speech as well as the content of it as it was published in the newspapers.

The court warned Danyal Aziz to submit a response to the court by the next hearing and stated that no further delays would be allowed.

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Story first published: 23rd February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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