Surgical Strikes Being Carried Out On Political Stability: Ahsan


Islamabad (February 24, 2018): Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday said that surgical strikes were being carried out on the country’s political stability.

Speaking to journalists, Ahsan warned that Pakistan is facing conspiracies and the country’s enemies were working overtime to spread anarchy. He added that it would not be considered being a friend of the country if an institution or person moved it towards anarchy.

The interior minister mentioned the threat Pakistan had received from a neighbouring country of a surgical strike, adding that internally the country was also facing similar threats.

“We need to be united. Our neighbouring country is threatening with surgical strikes and we will face this threat. But there are also surgical strikes being carried out on political stability in the country. There is no room for this. Why are we becoming our own enemy?”When asked about the Senate elections, Iqbal responded that steps being taken were creating the impression that the process of target killing is underway in politics. According to the interior minister, the Pakistani voter was no longer comparable to a primary school student, rather someone who has received a PhD in politics. “They [Pakistanis] are well informed and analyse everything. This is the reason that the PML-N despite steps being taken against us is not experiencing any political backlash, rather political support is increasing.”

Iqbal stressed on the supremacy of Parliament calling it the most important institution in the country which gives birth to the constitution. “Parliament decides how many judges will be in the Supreme Court or what the pension of judges will be. It also decides on the criteria and who will be the prime minister.”

“Parliament is the representative of the people of Pakistan,” he added.Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said that a decision of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to place Pakistan on the grey-list of the global money laundering watchdog will be made in June.

Iqbal emphasised that Pakistan had made the most efforts to combat terrorism. “Resolutions are being passed to pressurise us.”

Earlier Addressing a workshop in Lahore on Saturday, he said the future of Pakistan is linked with its youth.

He said that the youth have a crucial role in economic development of a country.Ahsan Iqbal said we have to train the youth as per our future requirements. He said the incumbent government is making concerted efforts to make the youth an asset of the country.

The Interior Minister said we are digitally empowering the youth to ensure their contribution in the process of progress and prosperity. He said Pakistan is included in the countries where youth is in majority.

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