Telenor Introduces 24/7 Self-Service Booths for Customers


Telenor Pakistan, one of the country’s leading digital services company, continues to pioneer innovative products that make life easier for 42.5 million customers.


This time around, Telenor has introduced something that is a first in Pakistan – a 24/7 Self-Service Booth that is guaranteed to transform how digital services in the 21st century are meant to be delivered – always online, accessible, convenient, secure and simple to use.

Telenor has already rolled out these booths in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad and Gujranwala, with more cities to be added later.

Man using Telenor Self-Service Booth

Self-Servicing Booths

These digital booths will help solve some of the most common issues faced by its customers such as:

  • Buy new Telenor SIMs
  • Replace SIMs
  • open bank accounts
  • Send and receive money through EasyPaisa
  • pay bills
  • avail Easyload and Easy Card facilities
  • All of this and more 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Typically, Telenor franchise offices close down around 5pm. But with these self-service booths, you can continue to enjoy the services offered by Telenor Pakistan at your own convenience any time of the day.

Telenor Self-Service Booth Usage

These state-of-the-art machines feature biometric verification, making them safe and secure against unregistered individuals. Telenor plans to place these self-service booths all over Pakistan and in some of the most important destinations so that everyone has access to them.

Telenor believes that just like ATMs have now become a necessity in our lives, these self-services booth may very well become part of our lives during the next few years.

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Redefining Customer Satisfaction

The introduction of this booth may very well revolutionize the concept of customer services as they exist currently in Pakistan. As part of its #TelenorHearsYou outreach campaign, the telecoms and digital services company is listening to customer feedback and concerns, and taking a proactive issue to problem-solving – saving the customers’ time and energy as they do so.

Telenor 4G Self-Service Booth with easypaisa

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