2020 has brought the latest wave of cold weather for Karachi as the mercury dropped to a record low today.

Pakistan Meteorological Department’s Director, Sardar Sarfraz, said that Wednesday observed the lowest temperature for this season.

He said that the current cold wave is expected to last for another four to five days with the temperature dropping to 8 degrees celsius in the port city.

Siberian winds, blowing from the West at an average speed between 30 and 35 kilometers per hour, will also bring down the temperature during the day to around 20 degrees.

Normally, the temperatures during the day hover around 25 degrees celsius, he added.

Met office predicted that the temperature will rise between January 4 and 6 due to the Siberian wind system shifting to Balochistan. However, the mercury will drop again on Jan 7.

PMD director added that several cities including Karachi are experiencing a colder than average temperature, setting new records across the country.

In Skardu, the temperature recorded at night was -18 degrees Celsius.

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