Terrifying VIDEO shows tornado tearing through fairground in China, killing 2 children

FILE PHOTO ©  Pexels / Johannes Plenio
A short video has captured the terrifying moment when a tornado ripped through a fairground’s bouncy castle in central China, sparking panic among bystanders. The tragedy killed two children and left more than a dozen injured.

The dust tornado struck at around 3pm on Sunday at a park in Tianmiao Town, Henan province, according to witnesses. Phone footage, posted to social media, shows the powerful cyclone blowing an inflatable bouncy castle high into the air as parents grab their children and run for safety. Nearby fair booths are seen collapsing under strain from strong winds.

Two children were killed by the unforeseen whirlwind, while at least eighteen other youngsters were injured. Two adults also received injuries, according to local officials cited by AFP.


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