Chinese people are showing their gratitude towards Pakistan for all the support and help the country has offered in their time of need.

At a time when the world has distanced itself from China due to the coronavirus outbreak, Pakistan has stood firm with its iron friend.


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Chinese people have taken to the Twitter-like ‘Sina Weibo’ to express their gratitude for being a partner in the fight against the deadly virus as hashtag #ä¿„ç½—æ–¯ 巴基斯坦# (#Thank you, Russia Pakistan#) has become an overnight hit in the country.

One of the users has posted a cartoon of a panda, goat, and bear, depicting China, Pakistan, and Russia.

The cartoon shows the goat (Pakistan) is giving away its skin to panda to help his need. The post that has over 22,000 shares and over 15,000 comments, goes with the caption, “It’s all for you, my bro!”

The hottest topic on the Chinese platform is, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”, with 21,855 shares and 14,409 comments.


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The sense of gratitude has extended to the Chinese people living outside the country. Recently, a Chinese professor, working at a university in Japan refused to accept thesis evaluation charges from a Pakistani university.

Instead, he wrote a letter of thanks to the university expressing his gratitude towards the country for all the support it showed amid the coronavirus threat.

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