The Iconic Vespa Scooter is Coming Back to Pakistan


Pakistan is all set to see the return of the iconic and classic Vespa scooter. As per the news, Ravi company will unveil the evergreen Vespa scooter at the Pakistan Auto Show, Expo Lahore.


The Vespa once held a special reputation among Pakistan’s middle-class, since it was regarded as the most economical and sturdy two-wheeler out there.

Ravi will be launching the Vespa Primavera this week on 2nd March in Lahore. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the scooter has to offer.

Vespa Primavera

The Vespa Primavera will be available in both 125cc or 150cc Euro-4 engine variants, a change that makes this version miles ahead of what we once saw on Pakistani roads 30 years ago.

If we talk about the exterior design, Vespa’s scooters have somewhat remained the same since the first model came out around 70 years ago. However, its internals have gotten a modern makeover for the 21st century.


Vespa Scooter Finally Gets An All-Electric Variant

Let’s take a look at some of the specs of the 125cc and 150cc Vespa variants. One thing to be noted here is that engines of both scooters are powered by the latest 3-valve engine.

The Vespa is available in four colors globally:

  • Black (Nero Vulcano)
  • White (Bianco Innocenza)
  • Red (Rosso Passione)
  • Blue (Azzurro Incanto)
  • Coral Red (Rossa Corallo)

We will have to wait until the Expo to learn which colors will be available for the Pakistani market.


Vespa’s First Smart Electric Scooter Puts Standard Bikes to Shame

Both versions of Primavera are slated to come with a mileage of 44.2 km per liter. Primavera 150cc hits a top speed of 95 km/h while the 125cc can reach up to 91 km/h.

Both scooters feature a maximum fuel tank capacity of 8 liters. The dimensions of both variants are the same as well.

Here is how both of them measure:

  • Length: 1860 mm
  • Height (Seat): 780 mm
  • Width: 735 mm
  • Pitch: 1340 mm

Both scooters have the following features:

  • Electric self-start button.
  • Electronic fuel injection system.
  • CVT, Automatic Gearbox.
  • Hydraulic shock absorber.
  • Adjustable coil spring.
  • 11-inch tubeless alloy wheels and
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with disk brakes.


Reports state that the Vespa Primavera (150cc version) may cost as much as Rs 330,000. The price tag seems hefty considering the alternatives here.

Nonetheless, we hope that the makers of this scooter are banking on more than just nostalgia to make Vespa a household name in Pakistan again.

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