The Oldest Biker Rides Past 101st Birthday


Web Desk(September 27, 2017):  A 101-year-old man, believed to be Britain’s oldest biker, still rides through his neighborhood streets every day.

Jack Stares has owned multiple bikes since he first began riding 97 years ago and has renewed his motorcycle license 10 times since he turned 70 to remain on the road.

“I was 7 years old and my dad brought home a motorbike which had been discarded and I got it going and would ride it all over,” Stares said.

“I was the only boy in the grammar school who went in on a motorcycle. It was quite a statement, and it still makes me chuckle now.”

In the meantime Stares can be spotted completing his morning errands on his Yamaha 125 scooter and plans to renew his license once again next year.

“I still get the same thrill from my scooter now as I got when I first started riding and when I had big powerful bikes,” he said.

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