Then and now: How the mangroves at Mai Kolachi have shrunk in size over the years


KARACHI: You may have remembered Mai Kolachi as a place surrounded by a huge cluster of mangroves on one side as one were to take the route from boat basin to Kaemaria and surrounding areas (or vice versa).

That was 2001 and this is 2017. Courtesy satellite images, we can see how much of the area to one side of the road was sea.

The image below is from 2005 and one can see quite clearly how the land, which was sort of submerged in water before, has been cleared completely. A little construction has begun on the piece of land

This image below is from 2010 and one can see the thin strip of land from above widen into a thicker one, right at the right-eastern side of the image. More buildings have propped up in the piece of land as water seems to have been pushed back.

This is the most recent satellite image of Mai Kolachi showing how much water has been pushed back and a sizable amount of land has been reclaimed in the area.

Also, one can see hundreds of more structures have popped up, increasing the metropolis’ urban sprawl.

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Story first published: 2nd December 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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