There Are Severe Issues in New Islamabad Airport’s Security: Intelligence Agencies


Today, an intelligence agency recommended Islamabad International Airport personnel to perform an “extreme vetting” in areas surrounding the airport because it believes that the security system, as of now, has too many ambiguities.


Islamabad International Airport is all set to begin operation on April 20th and already had a trial run a few days ago. Before its functional, the agency suggested that well-equipped and trained personnel are needed to prevent any potential security breach.

Watchtowers, Fences, & More

According to officials, Airport Security Force (ASF) will be deployed on 80 watchtowers at the walls and gates. These watchmen will keep a strict check on any suspicious individuals to prevent mishaps beforehand. Moreover, agencies have also been advised to scrutinize recently settled residents and especially, madrasas in the nearby regions.


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Security systems at Islamabad International Airport still need a lot of improvement because it’s close to the motorway – currently, any vehicle can force its way into the unrestricted airport area. In order to ensure security, nearby construction projects have been halted as well.

Some areas are unprotected and the agency has further advised enclosing the airport with fences and a police check-post on each entrance.

Airport Staff’s Movement

Sardar Mehtab Khan, Prime Minister’s Aviation Adviser will hold a meeting consisting of private airline heads, secretory of Regional Transport Authority, and respective officials to help moving Technical Ground Services (TGS) to Islamabad International Airport from Benazir Bhutto International Airport. This meeting will start at 2:30 PM on Tuesday at Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

In the meeting, they will discuss better ways of transporting passengers and their luggage to Islamabad International Airport and providing facilities to daily wage staff as well. The new airport is pretty far from the main cities which is why transporting personnel and staff involved has proven to be difficult.

Rangers Deployed

Pakistan Rangers will work alongside ASF to make the premises more secure. Reportedly, the runways will be guarded by ASF personnel who will take control this Tuesday. The entire terminal will be made secure later on.

Any VVIP flights will be handled by the Benazir Bhutto International Airport and PAF Base for now – all of these flights will be fully transferred to the new airport after the lounges are fully constructed and made functional.

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