Home Pakistan Thick Fog Envelopes Lahore, Nearby Areas

Thick Fog Envelopes Lahore, Nearby Areas

Thick Fog Envelopes Lahore, Nearby Areas

LAHORE: Thick fog has enveloped Lahore and other different parts of Punjab. Lahore to Kala Shah motorway has been closed following the foggy conditions.

The visibility has dropped as Lahore’s harbans pura, airport, jail road, saman abad and other areas remained covered with dense fog.

According to National Highway and Motorway Police, sections of Motorway include M-2 from Pindi Bhattian to Lahore, M-3 from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem and M-4 from Pindi Bhattian to Shorkot are closed for traffic.

Officials of the Motorway Police have advised commuters to check with the Motorway Police before travelling.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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