Three more MQM-P lawmakers join PSP


KARACHI: Three more MQM-P lawmakers jumped ship to join PSP. In the past 10 days, four MPAs and an equal number of MNAs have left MQM-P to join the PSP as general elections draw nearer. 

MNA Mehboon Alam, MPAs Kamran Farooq and Saifuddin Khaliq announced their decision to join PSP in a press conference with PSP chief Mustafa Kamal.

Kamran Farooq said that he had left MQM-P because the party was internally divided.

Mustafa Kamal said that MQM-P representatives were not being forced to join his party.

“These representatives who have joined PSP from MQM-P did not do so on gunpoint,” he said. “MQM-P is involved in an internal conflict,” he added.

Mustafa Kamal claimed that PSP would clean sweep the forthcoming general elections from Sindh’s urban areas. He said that the party would also win a large number of seats from Sindh’s rural areas.

“We will make Karachi the most peace-loving city of this country,” he said. “The next chief minister will either be from our party or one that is supported by PSP,” he added.

Story first published: 8th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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