Three PTI MPAs join PPP


Three Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have joined Pakistan People’s Party.

The KP MPAs Zahid Durrani, Nagina Khan and Ubaid Ullah Mayar officially joined the party after meeting its president Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday.

KP Information Minister Shoukat Yousafzai stated that the three MPAs have joined the same party which gave them money in the Senate elections in exchange for their votes.

The parliamentarians were served show-cause notice by PTI Chairman Imran Khan over accusations of horse-trading.

Khan, in a press conference on 18th April 2018, had revealed that 20 KP MPAs “sold their vote” in exchange of money.

The names mentioned by the Khan include: Deena Naz, Nagina Khan, Qurbaan Khan, Ubaid Ullah Mayar, Zahid Durrani, Abdul Haq, Amjad Afridi, Arif Yousuf, Javed Naseem, Yaseen Khalil, Faisal Zaman, Sami Ali Zai, Mairaj Humayun, Khatoon Bibi, Babar Saleem, Wajeeh-uz-Zaman, Fauzia, Naseem Hayat and Sardar Ayaz.

Several PTI leaders, in a press conference on 23rd April 2018, demanded Khan to produce evidence of his claims or the matter will be taken to court.

Story first published: 27th April 2018

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