ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minsiter Imran Khan’s Coronavirus Tiger Force will begin providing its services in Sindh under the supervision of Governor Imran Ismail, PM’s Special Assistant on Youth Usman Dar said.

“A total of 154,000 people have volunteered from Sindh to become a part of the force,” he said in a press conference on Wednesday.

“All the statistics regarding the force have been shared with the governor and soon after Eid volunteers will be seen providing their services to residents in every district and street of the province,” Dar promised.

He said that perception is being built that since the lockdown has been eased now, the roles and responsibilities of the force will no longer be needed. “I want to clarify that with the ease, SOPs are coming as well.

“Volunteers been working on ensuring the implementation of these measures,” the assistant said. The force has worked to implement SOPs inside mosques and they will be doing the same for Eid prayers.

“The volunteers have also helped us identify hoarders and profiteers who are selling commodities for higher prices,” he said, adding that the nation will have to face the disease for a year, therefore, in multiple circumstances, the force will come in handy.

“As soon as we get demands from the administration, we will start work deployment of the volunteers,” Dar explained. “I believe that this force of a million people is a human resource addition to our administration.”

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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