Time to put our house in order, says chief justice


QUETTA: Justice Saqib Nisar criticised the judicial system in Pakistan and said that it seemed as if the judiciary was not using its capabilities according to the required standards. 

“We’re not dispensing justice in the right manner,” he said. “If this remains the case, what face will we show to future generations?”

Justice Saqib Nisar was addressing judges at the Balochistan High Court. He said that people were looking towards the judiciary to provide them justice.

“Those booked in cases since 40 years live and die each day,” he said.

The chief justice said that judges did not give decisions according to their will–they had to follow the law.

“We do not have the authority to change laws that have been made since the British era but reforms have been introduced,” he said.

He said that a society could not thrive without justice. He said that fake cases were an ill of the society which the judiciary will have to treat.

Story first published: 11th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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