Today’s Verdict Will Not Be End In Itself But Journey Towards End: Siraj


Islamabad (July 28, 2017): Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq has said that Panamagate verdict will influence national politics immensely.

Talking to media outside the Supreme Court here Sirajul Haq, who is among the petitioners seeking disqualification of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif over his and his children’s involvement in offshore companies, said that the verdict revolving around prime minister and his children.

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The petitioners have been coming to the courts for last one year for the day like today which is a historic day in any and all aspects.

We would be glad tidings to the people of Pakistan because prime minister’s disqualification would the first step towards corruption-free Pakistan. Accountability is a must for democracy and its process should be accelerated, he said. The rich and the poor should be treated equally by the law, he added.

We would make accountability process meaningful because corruption has paralyzed the country at present the country. The corruption has also indebted the country. This is so be the institutions established to conduct accountability acted like facilitators of the corrupt elements.

But, Siraj continued, there is accountability of country’s most powerful person Nawaz Sharif for failing to justify his sources of income. Panama scandal does not mention name of any poor, it names prime minister and his family members, even the best lawyers failed to save prime minister because his case was weak of start with, he added.

Demanding initiation of accountability process against all those whose name appeared in Panama disclosure Siraj said that democracy could not be cleansed without accountability. Real accountability will usher in real democracy, the time for the accountability of all types of mafias has come, I do not consider todays verdict which would be against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the end in itself but a journey towards the end of getting Pakistan cleansed of corruption, Siraj added.

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