Tragedies: 12 killed in different incidents

Tragedies: 12 killed in different incidents
Tragedies: 12 killed in different incidents

FAISALABAD: As many as 12 persons were killed in separate incidents in and around Faisalabad during the past 24 hours.

Police spokesman said on Saturday that a lady constable, Nagina Abbas, her husband Piran Ditta and son Hussain Abbas were shot dead by her brother, Asar Abbas, in Chak No 67-JB, Sadhar. The accused, a resident of Chak No 607-GB, reportedly committed triple murder as her sister had contracted love marriage about one-and-a-half years ago against the will of her parents.

In another incident, 32-year-old Khalid Mehmood, a resident of Chak No 77-JB Mullanpur, was carrying passengers in a rickshaw when a running train hit the three-wheeler. As a result, the rickshaw driver and a passenger, Sajid Hussain, died on-the-spot.

Moreover, Ghulam Nabi and his brother, Abdur Rehman, were shot dead and another brother, Muhammad Akram, was injured by their rivals Shahbaz to avenge an old enmity in Chak No 506/2.

Meanwhile, an alleged accused of gambling Muhammad Anwar, a resident of Qadriyya Chowk, died after he jumped to ground from a building to escape arrest by Batala Colony police.

The police had conducted the raid at a gambling den in Raja Ghulam Rasool Nagar to arrest the gamblers.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 13th, 2017.

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